She’s a 23-year old entrepreneur, celebrity personality and author from Johannesburg, hoping to make the lives of those in South Africa, just a little better, but offering them an opportunity to gain one of life’s most basic skills – being able TO READ! Her Children’s Educational book, “Learn to Read Learn to Lead”, does just that!

After having travelled to Bulgaria to promote her educational children’s book in 2019, we caught up with Sasha-Lee – who not only is an author, but also recently became the Director of Ace Models International West Rand – and found out what’s in her travel bag.

  1. Favorite lipstick- a girl can’t go without her lipstick! A pop of colour goes a long way! Even when you jumping onto a red-eye flight!
  2. My favourite make-up pouch from Vovarova SA. It’s light, machine-washable and goes with me everywhere. It’s the perfect size for travelling.
  3. My Fragrance Boutique perfume goes with me wherever I go! I am currently loving Estee Lauder- White Linen.
  4. I always carry a small notepad and pen because you never know when you need to jot something down, especially whilst waiting at the airport or on a long roadtrip.
  5. My Silistraw! I proudly support the #nomorestraw movement! Wherever I go!
  6. You will never see me without a few Bobby pins and hair ties in my bag, nothing is worse than when you need to tie up your hair and you have nothing on hand, especially at a windy destination.
  7. My Jade Roller – travelling can harsh on ones skin, which is why I like to have a jade roller on hand to reduce puffiness, swelling and fine lines. It’s a little beauty boost from Dermaroller Systems.
  8. My JBL wireless earphones – because no one wants to be bothered whilst on a flight or when you need a distraction whilst working out. At times this becomes your traveling “best friend”.
  9. Breath mints for when you need to freshen up a bit, especially after a long trip!
  10. Most of the time I also carry a snack like a protein bar or packet of nuts with me for when I’m on the go and don’t have time for lunch. Long tips = munchies.

With her first Children’s Educational book off to a successful start, Sasha tells us that the second book, which is due for release later this year, will focus on counting and dealing with everyday situations, such as bullying.