Creative Director of Decorex Africa, Anita Bloom shares two major interior design trends to look out for in 2020. Referring to it as a year of ‘happy spaces’ – the report revealed two significant influences as being the New Nordic (departs from Scandinavian minimalism) and Contemporary Organic (more nature-focused with a luxurious twist). 

Here is a glimpse: 

  • Contemporary Organic – Nature focussed items with a luxurious twist
  • Chubby elephantine furniture is on the rise –  awkward shapes that make a statement as opposed to instagramable mid-century modern
  • Minimalism is over – the New Nordic trend  embraces a cosier, more nuanced aesthetic with softer tones, tactile surfaces, natural materials and textured rugs and fabrics
  • Odd shaped mirrors and 3D wallpaper 
  • Fireplaces are back, as are table lamps, candles and lanterns, along with lots of green plants
  • Colours that evoke the sea and the sky, along with a splash of warmth (cassis, cantaloupe and mellow yellow). 
  • Happy spaces – It’s all about the personal touch and creating happily lived-in space



“Living spaces are warmer and more inviting – fireplaces are back, as are table lamps, candles and lanterns, along with lots of green plants,” says Bloom. “The colour palette is easy on the eye: champagne, beige, warm neutral colours, sage green, dark blues and indigo.” 

The second major trend, Contemporary Organic, is even more nature-focused, with a luxurious twist. “We’re moving away from sleek materials and sharp architectural lines as ultra-modern design adopts softer, more texturally rich touches: furniture with sensual forms, timber with an irregular grain,” Bloom explains. “The effect is relaxing and grounding – a counterpoint to the highly charged, technology-driven world we live in”, says Bloom.

Text & Images:© Supplied