We have put together an awesome shopping list for sassy South African travellers. Shopping for jet-setting essentials can be hectic, here is a list of 5 best travel products for any destination, situation and environment:

The perfect Backpack– we searched high and low for the best backpack and found that the Vovarova SA backpack ticked off all of our needs. It’s super-light, the material is machine washable, they come with individual pockets, inside clear PVC pockets and zipped compartments, perfect for every occasion, destination and weather conditions. There’s a variety of patterns and colours to choose from which makes travelling fun!





A statement bikini– Calling all sea-lovers looking for the perfect swimwear, we’ve found just what you’re looking for. Maaji may be known for their swimwear and activewear first and foremost but their offering has extended over the years to include something for every kind of occasion; morning, noon and night. They specialize in beautiful, unique resort wear that should be found in every suitcase traversing the globe.




Headphones– because no one likes to be bothered on a flight or a long road trip! Whether you’re travelling abroad or simply across the country, the JBL E65BTNC headphones are both Bluetooth and noise-cancelling. What more do you need? They easy to use, comfortable to wear and the active noise cancelling reduces outside noise for a more immersive sound experience. Did we mention that your headphones can be completely recharged in just two hours?




Stylish sunglasses – What is a getaway without the perfect sunnies to shield you from the sun, or simply to make a fashion statement like no other? MR BOHO, one of the new kids on the block in the accessories world, is seeing global success with their extensive range of affordable quality eyewear.  Fresh and cosmopolitan sunglasses designed for those looking for something different and smart. Available from Colourbox.




A Jade roller – whilst travelling, it becomes quite difficult to pack in all your beauty routine products, especially when going away for a long period of time. Our skin is easily affected by the conditions we’re in, however, there’s no need to fall back on your beauty needs and loose results, which is why we recommend every traveller has a jade roller. Jade facial rollers integrate natural energy from the stone, while the coolness of the jade closes pores, promotes blood circulation, reduces puffiness, wrinkling and more. The perfect travel beauty item! Available from Dermaroller Systems SA.





Happy shopping!

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