Going Loco with Carla Pinto

Fashion creative Carla Pinto’s story is akin to that of a Third Culture Kid, in her case, one who’s made her way around the world and found a home in Mama Africa. A great deal of this shows in her passion and appreciation of cultural patterns. It is through this vision that her fashion label African Style Story was birthed. Carla’ s team turned heads at the 2016 SA Fashion week which enabled them to retail with various local stores such as Zando, Spree, and Big Blue. We catch up with her just before the launch of her Spring/Summer collection.

Q: What inspired the brand name African Style Story?

My brand is a very personal affair! It is my story, which I want to share with everyone! I want to tell my vision in terms of style and fashion, to tell my story as a woman who has travelled the World, lived in four different countries, trying to bring a bit of each culture to my clothes. As a working mom, a wife, a Communications Director who became a Fashion designer because of Africa, an entrepreneur, who, despite a busy life want to feel empowered by what she wears.

Hopefully an inspiring story of someone who always stayed humble and has never given up!

Q: Looking at your collection, there is a twist of tradition and also a representation of different cultures, please take us through what inspired these elements?

The African Style Story collection is inspired by multicultural influences and traditions from Africa and around the World. Diversity is always our starting point but then “the sky is the limit”! It can be anything, I personally love the African geometrical prints but also elements from nature, buildings, and retro patterns.

We have a team of designers behind the process of creating our exclusive prints and designs, which helps to build a solid story.

We try to recreate and reinvent these cultural elements by adding a very personal interpretation. Sometimes we combine them, sometimes we individualise them, but always to bring surprise and innovation, and in my opinion, this is what makes each collection so unique and timeless.

Q: Tell us a bit about your customer and the journey they experience in wearing your line…

Women who buy African Style Story know that it’s a very exclusive brand, which has the original prints as a signature.

These women are active and cosmopolitan with busy lives. They seek an effortless look and comfortable clothing. But at the same time, they need to feel ultra feminine, sophisticated and elegant all day long.

I create clothes to empower women, to make them feel beautiful and confident about themselves!

Q: What can we look forward to for the coming season?

A very sophisticated ready-to-wear collection with a range of versatile, uncomplicated and super comfortable clothes. Open is the name of our upcoming Collection.

In the process of creating the exclusive and original prints we used “open doors” as our primary source of inspiration and based on that created some beautiful patterns, which are our own interpretation of the traditional African geometric prints. As a contrast we used storks to have some more organic elements and, as usual, our pallet has a lot of warm and African colours such as the yellows, blues, brown and of course black and white.

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Photographs credit: EUNICE DRIVER Insta – @eunicedriverphotograph

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