British Airways has revealed its annual travel predictions for the year ahead selecting the top 19 must-see destinations for 2019.Highly-anticipated events and new routes shape the list, which includes everything from the popular party hotspot of Las Vegas, to the budding land of Osaka and the romantic retreat of the Seychelles.

Durban features on the list for the first time and is a must see for 2019. Located on South Africa’s sublime Indian Ocean coast, 350 miles south-east of Johannesburg, Durban is a tropical, urban gem offering upmarket guesthouses, trendy bars and stylish restaurants overlooking the azure ocean and sweeping beaches.

Claire Bentley, managing director of British Airways Holidays, said: “Holiday-makers are always looking for top tips to explore the latest and coolest destinations. Our short list plays a part in the detailed planning for our new routes in the year again as we sift through scores of destinations around the world to find out where are our customers are planning to go, and which up-and-coming cities to add to our worldwide network.”

“Our travel experts review each and every destination to determine the next breakout place to visit, and we have a brilliant mix of new and everyday popular destinations that we believe will be big for 2019.”

Customers can use British Airways Holidays to tailor-make their itinerary; stopping off at cities around the globe, adding car hire where needed and booking accommodation from a huge choice of hotels.

British Airways Top 19 for 2019 features:

Durban,  Pittsburgh, Osak, Marrakesh, Seychelles, Barbados, Toronto, Edinburgh,Sofia, Salzburg, Malta, Cologne, Sydney, Croatia, Kos, Cancun, Las Vegas, Dubai and Tokyo.

Umhlanga Lighthouse on the Indian Ocean Shore in Durban, South Africa.
Sea Walls – part of Dubrovnik military defences – defend the city from sea-based attacks.
15324240 – ancient ruins on kos, greece
55658594 – tropical beach on the caribbean island (bottom bay, barbados)
50231204 – cherry blossom lined meguro canal in tokyo, japan.
Text & images: © British Airways