With summer on full swing, we’re summiting the vineyards and exploring some ‘off the shelves’ wine brands for you. In the spotlight this week is Ses’fikile wines; meaning, “We have arrived” in isiXhosa, was built on a foundation of a personal and communal struggle. Entrepreneur Nondumiso Pikashe, has been in the game for over a decade and was one of the few women who decided to track the source and the story behind the science of wine making. Her wine journey has since sparked a lot of interest among the young women or Gugulethu Township in Cape Town. For her, getting involved in this industry turned her adversity into a meaningful life story for generations to come. The wines are informed by the three centuries of wine history in South Africa and cater to both local and international markets. The brand constantly draws inspiration from other regions to ensure the highest standards are met.


Chenin Blanc

If you are looking for a drink to compliment your light summer lunch, Ses’fikile’s Chenin Blanc will give you that fresh brittle taste, which makes it easily enjoyable with leafy salads. For the adventurous palate, Ses’fikile’s Shiraz stands out. This sumptuous and decadent red will work wonderfully well with Marinated Warthog rib, Kudu steak Kebabs, Beef Wellington and rich cheeses at the end of a special meal. This elegant shiraz from the Matriarch range is of the finest quality, you can also pair it with carefully prepared game dishes such as Ostrich fillet with a spicy Dhukka Rub and roasted vegetables, Loin of Springbok and Eland Steak with a Green Pepper sauce and sweet potato chips.

To order, email Nondumiso Pikashe on ndumi@sesfikile.co.za

For more information visit: www.sesifikile.co.za