Unwrap, untie, or just rip it open- whatever is inside should never be expected. As the festive season fast approaches, don’t let the anxiety of deciding which gift to buy for your loved ones put off your excitement. Take a look at these fresh, cool, and current gifts we’ve put together for you.

Powerball & Powerspin

If your lady or man, or even a friend is into exercising, thenblaze-blue-classic-active the Powerball or Powerspin will give them the strength they need to meet the demands of their exercising routine. A 2-minute fast spin with the Powerball drives significant blood flow into the forearm flexor and extensor muscles, quickly loosening out tight muscle tissue, increasing pain free range of motion at the elbow & wrist joints and greatly reducing the risk of tendon inflammation in the upper limbs. This device is a world class solution for carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis & golfer’s elbow, tendonitis and other forms of RSI in the wrists and arms.

powerspin-lilac-1The Powerspin, on the other hand, is a simple, high efficient exercise device designed specifically to tone,shape or rehabilitate muscles in the upper arms and shoulders. Spin fast to tone arms and build muscle or spin slowly and progressively to stimulate blood flow, loosen out stiff muscle and gently strengthen damaged tissue in the arms, shoulders and chest area.

Ladies, he’ll never have an excuse not to lift you up ever again!

The Botanical range

fern-ta-cup            fern-tote       fern-bowl-set
If you’re looking for a traditional, yet trendy gift for the special woman in your life, then hit her sweet spot with Love Milo’s Fern Collection. The range includes espresso cups, tea cups, Mugs and bowls, as well as a new fabric collection. All wooden products are hand carved from alien trees that are hazardous to the natural environment and need to be removed, making the products sustainable and eco-friendly.
Love Milo’s Fern Collection

Disney Bluetooth Speaker & Microphone

Give the children what they want and there’s peace in the world.


Rock your little girl’s world with this Disney Frozen Microphone and Stand and who knows, you might have a pop icon in the making! The microphone can be connected to an iPod, iPhone or Mp3 player. Add the Disney Bluetooth Speaker and get the parent of the year award! This way she can listen to herself and refine her talent.

*Stocks are limited. Prices subject to change.


Dyson Pure Cool


Sometimes the best gift is the one that benefits the whole family. Ensure your family constantly has fresh, purer air with the Dyson Pure Cool. Dyson’s new purifier fan technology removes 99.95% of potentially harmful ultrafine particles, as small as PM0.1, from household air. The purifier can help capture pollution, bacteria and viruses, as well as pollen, allergens and odours such as cigarette smoke and cooking smells.

crosecrose The best part about the Dyson Pure Cool is that no cleaning maintenance is required. You just need to change the filter and it takes less than 60 seconds to replace the filter. And only after 4382 hours – that’s a year based on 12 hours of use every day.

Dyson pure cool 
Remember: The best gifts must not only create a moment, they must last as well.