Growing your health, one seed at a time

Living la Vida healthy can be as easy as peeling carrots and you don’t need to give up your urban lifestyle and head to the farmlands either. For the first time in South Africa comes RAW; your urban solution to growing sustainable fresh produce.

With over 40 varieties in the launch range, RAW ensures that your veggie garden is a work of modern (and edible) art with beauties such as the rainbow beetroot, zebra tomato and mardi gras beans. Our seeds are perfect for container gardens or small-space growing and consist of non-GMO and Heirloom varieties. Who needs to keep up with the Joneses when they’re trying to keep up with you?


Marlaen Straathof, Marketing manager of RAW adds “We are constantly looking for ways to better look after ourselves and our loved ones. Sometimes that comes at a cost and a demand. Eating healthy can be expensive and time-consuming when it comes to shopping. RAW offers a solution to both concerns by providing consumers with a cost effective and easy way to ensure the kitchen is stocked with fresh produce regularly.  At RAW, we believe in the unique nature and contribution of every herb and veggie garden to suit our different customers.”


So from the gardener who wants to spice things up with some serious chili to the aspiring chef who cooks and experiments with different herbs at every meal, RAW offers a solution. RAW is the urban dweller’s answer to the strain of hitting the store daily for fresh produce and the seasoned gardener’s dream when it comes to variety.